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Dutch design is experimental, innovative, quirky and humorous. It utilizes old-fashioned skills, such as lace making and crocheting, to create modern designs. It also incorporates new technologies and materials to challenge the traditional design process.

A good dutch design online shop offers a clear and attractive product range with high quality products. According to a survey by Crossmarks, retailers who excel at this are Ikea and Rituals.

Frozen Fountain

Founded in 1985 by Dick Dankers on Utrechtsestraat, Frozen Fountain became known for its unique collection of modern Dutch design. The idea behind the shop was to bring designers and master artisans together. In 1992, Cok de Rooy joined the partnership and moved the store to two townhouses on Prinsengracht. Today, the shop is a hotbed for contemporary Dutch designers with an eclectic mix of furniture and home accessories.

Their standard collection is complemented by one-off objects and limited editions of serial products from designers such as Piet Hein Eek, Hella Jongerius, and Studio Job. In addition, they organize many exhibitions to show a clear symbiosis between the concept and the final product.

This is a fantastic concept store of modern dutch and other european designers & decor. The offering has grown a lot over the years and is worth a visit. They also carry a great selection of Nordic household goods, books and furniture.

Droog Design

Droog Design first emerged in the early 1990s when art historian Renny Ramakers and product designer Gijs Bakker began displaying objects that took a critical, humorous view of design. Within a few years, they had achieved worldwide acclaim through exhibitions and presentations.

They also influenced a generation of designers, such as Marcel Wanders who established his own designers’ collective Moooi. The witty designs of Droog often combine a playful attitude with functionality, making them interesting and fun to look at. They have a distinct Dutch flair that makes them eye-catching and thought provoking.

In 2004, the group moved to a historic building on the Staalstraat, originally home to Amsterdam’s textile traders. It has a light and spacious feel to it and offers a café/ tearoom and a hotel room on the top floor. This is where you can get a feel for the philosophy of the group. You can also shop for Droog Design products.

Arian Brekveld

Arian Brekveld is a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven and designs for a variety of clients. His work is characterized by simplicity and functionality combined with craftsmanship. He is at home in various markets, from small craft products made on location and in collaboration with local craftsmen to larger projects such as furniture design, glassware, tableware, and interior accessories.

His designs are characterised by clear lines that result in an almost sober design with a timeless value. His love for traditional techniques and materials is reflected in his detailed executions. He has a unique talent for creating stylish and functional designs that are based on thorough research and tasteful use of material and color.

Brekveld likes designing products that can be produced in large quantities without sacrificing their attractiveness or function. His designs often start with an idea, which then turns into a quest for form, function and new combinations of materials and techniques.

Dutch Design & Gifts

Dutch design is a reflection of the country’s multicultural society. Designers often combine different styles to create unique and spectacular decorative products. For example, traditional Delftware ceramics are incorporated into contemporary metal and glass designs. The result is original, spectacular pieces that make for great gifts.

Several Dutch companies are famous for their colorful designs. One such company is G-Star RAW, which produces trendy denim clothing that is popular with hipsters in Amsterdam and worldwide. Another is Lotte Klaver, whose jewelry features tiny drawings of Amsterdam canal houses. These beautiful earrings and necklaces are a wonderful way to remember your trip to the Netherlands.

Store your valuables in a beautiful, Dutch-designed storage box. These boxes are available in many different designs, including ancient world maps, tree trunks, and art of nature. They are also available in a range of different colors and scents. These boxes are a great gift for friends and family. They can even be customized with a name or message for a unique touch.

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