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Dutch Design Week (DDW) is Northern Europe’s largest design event and emphasises innovation and experimentation. Over nine days more than 2,600 designers present their work and ideas at locations throughout the city of Eindhoven. This includes exhibitions, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events and debates.

With a DDW ticket you can access all locations free of charge. A DDW Pro Ticket includes additional discounts and perks.

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Dutch Design Week is a nine-day event that takes place in October each year. It features exhibitions, studio visits, workshops and seminars at venues throughout the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. It is one of Europe’s largest design events and attracts thousands of visitors each year. The expositions are organized around a theme, and many of them are accessible to anyone.

The People’s Pavilion, for example, is free and is a great spot to visit with kids. It is located in the Strijp-S area and features innovative projects from designers around the world. Some are incredibly instagrammable, such as the “We Know How You Feel” installation that uses lasers and biosensors to show your emotions.

The DDW Music program is also a highlight of the festival. It features live concerts at various locations throughout the city. DDW also partners with venues like pop venue Effenaar and classical music venue Muziekgebouw Frits Philips to host concerts during the week.

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DDW is the largest design event in Northern Europe, connecting designers from all over the world. It features exhibitions, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events, and debates. Each year, thousands of visitors visit Eindhoven to experience the designs on offer. IDE’s projects are featured at many of the in-person and online events, including Design United’s Up Close and Personal week and CLICKNL’s DRIVE Festival.

A DDW ticket gives you full nine-day access to all locations and areas. It also includes the DDW Design Rides. You can plan your route based on one of the programme lines or opt for a guided tour.

You can buy tickets for individual locations / expo’s such as Kazerne (EUR 5), Dutch Invertuals (EUR 5), New Order of Fashion Lab (EUR 2,50) or Philips Museum (EUR 11). DDW Pro Tickets are available for companies. These include a wristband for everyone who works in your organisation and a numbering system to help you find your location.

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Dutch Design Week is a nine-day event featuring exhibitions and events at more than 120 locations in Eindhoven. The festival is an important platform for new designers and a showcase of Dutch design. In addition to the in-person events, DDW also hosts a range of online projects and initiatives. This year, TU Delft is represented in multiple online and in-person events, including Design United’s Up Close and Personal and the DRIVE Festival.

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Dutch Design Week (DDW) is one of the biggest design events in Northern Europe, attracting designers and enthusiasts from around the world. The event showcases innovation in a variety of design disciplines, including industrial design, fashion, and architecture. It also offers a glimpse into the Netherlands’ rich cultural heritage and progressive mindset.

During DDW, over 2,500 designers showcase their work in more than 110 locations across the city. This includes exhibitions, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events, and festivities. The event also promotes interdisciplinary dialogue between designers and other professionals.

Although the majority of DDW venues are free, some require tickets or reservations. The official DDW website lists all ticketing information, including how to buy and use them. You can also purchase a special DDW Pro Ticket for 170 euros, which gives you discounts on talks and access to locations that are closed to the public. For example, you can visit the Klokgebouw, Microlab Hall, Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show, and Thing Nothing at Van Abbemuseum.

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