Transforming Spaces: Dutch Design Mobel Mattresses and Furniture

Dutch Design Mobel Mattresses

Design Mobel is a company that makes mattresses with organic materials. These materials allow the mattress to breathe and keep its body temperature stable. They also help prevent mold, mildew, and dust mites.

In a time when being environmentally-friendly is associated with worm farms and homespun jerseys, Thomas has made Dutch design stand out as a bold, experimental movement. In this book, he skillfully details the groundbreaking accomplishments and popular products that define Dutch design.


Whether for your bedroom, living room or kitchen, our Dutch design wooden furniture will transform any space into your personal home. Each piece is made with love and hand-worked know how in our workshop to ensure that it is a unique one off. We only use quality wood that has been sourced with sustainability in mind, and we are certified by the Cradle to Cradle program.

Our wood mobel ranges include side tables, hutches and bookcases that are designed to be modern, functional, and durable. We also offer bespoke mobel that is custom designed to your exact specifications, at a price you can afford.

Keeping manufacturing jobs in New Zealand is important to the team at Sleepyhead, and they are committed to retaining their production in Tauranga. The company’s Otahuhu factory is one of the largest bed manufacturing plants in Australasia and is equipped with the latest technology to keep production running smoothly. In addition, the company’s Trees That Count programme has planted over 60,000 native trees since it was established.


The design mobel collection is crafted with organic materials to create a drier, cleaner and healthier sleep environment. They are odour free, anti-bacterial and work wonders to maintain an even body temperature for restful sleep. These natural fibres also allow the mattress to breathe and help minimise partner disturbance and allergies.

Differences in body shape, age and physiology require sleep systems that are fitted to the individual. Design Mobel have incorporated this principle in their mattress construction with a range of options that provide support, comfort and flexibility for all body types.

Since its inception in Tauranga in the 1980s, Design Mobel has been committed to a sustainable path unparalleled in New Zealand furniture and bed manufacturing. Their ethos is rooted in creating a positive environmental legacy, planting 60,000 native trees in 30 years to offset their timber use. They have since branched out from their traditional timber beds and now produce a range of natural and organic mattresses in addition to beautiful designer slatbeds.


With a touch of industrial charm, this design is simple and elegant. Its brushed metall base adds to the modern aesthetic and accentuates its overall shape. Its rounded edges make it perfect for a variety of room designs. It also works well as a decoration piece in a rustic or Asian-inspired space.

Whether you’re looking for an accent piece or a large upholstered sofa, 1stDibs has just what you need. The site offers a wide selection of Dutch design furniture that will fit your home or business. You can also find vintage pieces that are perfect for a retro-inspired interior.

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